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Uniform Guidelines

All students are required to follow the Dress Code of the Adamjee Schooling System. Students at ASS wear a uniform in order to:

  • Create a sense of ambassadorship and loyalty to ASS
  • Equalize student dress, so students will not be known by what they wear, but by who they are
  • De-stress the daily routine of choosing the appropriate attire
  • Build a sense of community spirit in the students
  • Encourage a sense of proprietary and discipline.

Boys Girls
Shirt: Checked Shirt with ASS monogram Shirt: White
Pant: Navy Blue Frock: Checked Frock with ASS monogram
Shoes: Black Shoes: Black
Socks: White Socks: White
Note: Green coat with ASS monogram (Winter)


It is always helpful for Nursery student to keep an extra set of clothing at school, especially an extra Pajama and pair of socks. Please label items and place them in a bag for storage in the classroom.

Boys Girls
Shirt: Stripes Shirt with ASS monogram Shirt: Full sleeves stripes shirt with ASS monogram
Pant: Malachian Shalwar: White Shalwar
Shoes: Black Shoes: Black
Socks: White Socks: White
Belt: Black (Simple leather) Scarf: White triangle scarf 1 meter length (VI-X)
Slash: Relevant house Dupatta: White half dupatta with stripes 1’’ border (I-V) White full dupatta with 1’’ four sides stripes border (VI-X)
Slash: Relevant house
Note: Green coat with ASS monogram (Winter)

  • Boys must have a proper haircut and combed neatly.
  • The girls are required to keep their long hair tied back with simple black or white hair tie. Short hair must be kept off the face with black or white hair band or simple black hair pins. Girls should tie their hair neatly. Jewelleries, coloured ribbons, coloured clips, hair bands and mehndi on hands are not allowed.
  • Joggers/Sneakers/Pumps shoes are strictly forbidden.