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Student Code of Conduct

The Learner profile and attitudes are central to the work we are doing at the Adamjee Schooling system. These attributes represent the kind of students we wish to develop. We wish students to develop an understanding of how one behaves respectful and responsible in society.

  1. The school places special emphasis on character formation. Parents and guardians are accordingly required to extend their fullest co-operation
  2. Students are required to abide by the school Discipline Policy.
  3. Students are required to follow the prescribed Dress Code and come school in neat and clean uniform.
  4. Students are expected to arrive at school on time and prepared for the day, with all equipment they need and a positive attitude. They are expected to attend all their scheduled lessons.
  5. If for any reason a student is unable to attend class, parents should notify the school. All students are expected to catch up with the work missed during absence.
  6. If a student wants to leave the school during the day they must bring a note from their parents/guardians, or get permission from the Principal.
  7. A student must attain 90% attendance during the session. Failure to do so debars him from taking the annual examination.
  8. If a student remaining absent for 10 days without sanctioned leave shall be removed from the school.
  9. Irregular attendance, habitual disobedience, objectionable behavior, disorderly or unseemly conduct shall justify removal from school rolls.
  10. Cell phone conversation or usage of electronic gadgets for games in the school premises is strictly forbidden.
  11. School property and the property of other students or teachers should be treated with respect and care. Any object damaged by irresponsible use must be replaced by the person responsible for the damage.
  12. It is advisable for students not to keep valuable items or substantial sums of money while in school. The school does not take responsibility for any loss or damage caused.
  13. A student is automatically withdrawn if his tuition fee is not paid for two months. Such student wishing to rejoin the school will be required to pay all the admission charges again.
  14. The principal’s decision is final and binding on students and parents in all Academics, non-Academics and disciplinary matters.