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Our Curriculum:

Adamjee schooling system have designed a range of broad, balanced and comprehensive curriculum which is an extract of Provincial and the best elements of International curricula. Our curriculum meets educational needs of the every child in accordance with the world standards and facilitates our students to opt between SCC and IGCSE right after grade VI. Whereas the Nursery and KG program are based on an integration between International Montessori Programs, and latest developments in Early Childhood Learning (ECL). The teachers act as facilitators and are continuously directing the children's energies into constructive channels.

A systematic and regular method of evaluation of the student’s progress in all fields of the educational activities has been adopted and a consolidated record of the student is maintained. The medium of instruction is English with due emphasis to URDU and ISLAMIAT. Adamjee lays great importance on religious, cultural and national traditions. During the course of each school day, children will be engaged in a variety of activities, covering different aspects of the curriculum.

Adamjee is a dynamic world, giving birth to creativity and innovation and thus invoking our students' imagination.

Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten:

Adamjee offers a rich co-curricular programme which allows students to apply what they have learned in the classroom, strengthen their skills and explore new areas of interests. Art and craft, music, ICT, Adamjee Pre-Primary Curriculum and educational trips are a part of every child’s experience building on a strong foundation.

Daily circle time provides regular opportunities for students to develop their listening skills, learn new vocabulary, practice language skills, build self-confidence, and learn about being a member of larger community as a whole.

The ASS Pre-Primary Curriculum provides a cross-curriculum thematic, rigorous teaching structure designed to engage children of all abilities in today's world. The academic focus of Adamjee Schooling System is centered on the belief that all students have the inherent ability to achieve academic excellence within a healthy and inclusive learning environment and multiple learning tools. Our Curriculum enables students to achieve such an outcome through an activity based interactive program which eases the process of acquiring knowledge and, at the same time, promotes coping and motor skills through a sequential learning-by-doing approach. The programme is implemented by qualified, trained and empathetic teachers and provides a smooth transition from the Early Years to the Primary Years.

Physical education activities cover body control (rhythm, flexibility, agility, balance, direction, speed and intensity) simple sports skills (running, jumping, throwing, catching and kicking) and basic games and exercises. Instruction encourages fitness, respect for rules, sportsmanship, safety and use and care of sports equipment.

The implicit curriculum of character education, teaching of moral principles, insistence on order and firm discipline, and steady encouragement of solid work habits is very much part of our daily teaching. In the Early Years we provide feedback to parents by individualized student reports and parent-teacher meetings.

Subjects* include: Activity, Circle Time, GK (General Knowledge), ICT (Information & Communications Technology), Islamiyat, Literacy, Music, Numeracy, PE (Physical Education) and Urdu.
* Subject offerings may differ in subsequent academic years

Primary Classes (Grade I to V)

The Adamjee Primary Curriculum is a comprehensive, thematic, creative curriculum for 3-12 year olds, with a clear process of learning and with specific learning goals for every subject, for international mindedness and for personal learning. Our curriculum is an amalgamation of the following subjects: English, Science, Social studies, Math, Urdu, Computer, Arts and PE.

Teaching staff is constantly given trainings to be updated with the new teaching trends and to be at par with the current teaching methodologies for the benefit of the children..

Curriculum for the primary years aims to empower the learners, groom them and bring about the best of their capabilities so they can move on to the lower secondary section with a sound foundation.

Lower Secondary (Grade VI to VIII):

Today’s students live in a world that is fast paced, culturally diverse, technologically driven and media saturated. These changing paradigms require that we redefine education making it more flexible, challenging and creative. The Lower Secondary programme covers the unique period of early adolescence, marking the transition from Primary Years to SSC Board Examination. The subjects offered include English, Math, Urdu, Science, Social studies, Computer, Sindhi and Islamiyat. Special emphasis is laid on activity based learning and use of multimedia in the classrooms. The programme provides necessary tools and skills for students to assume an increasing responsibility for themselves and their education, building on their spirit, energy and curiosity, while guiding them toward independence as young adults.

The Lower Secondary curriculum also begins to prepare students for the rigors of the IGCSE programme; many of our primary schemes end at Year 5, and are replaced by pre-IGCSE schemes and textbooks. The structure of the curriculum reflects the start of subject specialisation, such as the division of social studies into geography and history.

An integral part of the Adamjee experience is the emphasis on holistic personality grooming and boosting the students’ confidence through co-curricular activities. Various events which include the Language Art Week, Talent Show and Food festival are held each year in which students are encouraged to participate. Regular assemblies are held on a daily basis to enhance public speaking skills.

Secondary (Matric/O-Level):

The Secondary curriculum is based on SSC/IGCSE schemes and textbooks. The academic environment on campus is purposeful, stimulating and challenging. Subject specialists are recruited and trained to deliver not only the academic content but help students grow as conscientious individuals. Guidance counseling provides students with opportunities to identify their aptitude for future career choices.

Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE):

The curriculum at Adamjee aims to provide students with not only academic success, but also a holistic environment so that they can develop life skills to enjoy a more balanced life. Keeping the needs of modern and practical life in focus, the management introduced the new subject PSHE (Personal, Social, and Health Education) in the curriculum for all classes. This specialised curriculum is offered through a dedicated weekly class period. Students develop the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary to manage their lives and relationships, now and in the future. These skills and attributes help students to stay healthy, safe and prepare them for life and work in the modern world.