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ICT Curriculum and Robotics

ICT Curriculum and Robotics:

This Curriculum will promote critical thinking, technology literacy and collaboration amongst students and thus nurture their inherent potential and equip theme with 21st century learning skills. ASS department of information and communication technology is committed to ensure that our student are provided with excellent education that encourages integrated virtual teaching and learning thus promoting ICT as a common denominator to bridge digital divide.

The introduction of this curriculum represents a significant step in our efforts to make our schools students achieve optimum technology literacy thus converting them into digital citizens.

Adamjee also introduced the Robotics Curriculum in 2019 which encourages students to collaborate, create and solve real life challenges by making model robots that move and respond to their commands. Robotics represents the future of humanity. It provides opportunities for students to explore the powerful process of design-thinking and develop a love for invention and appreciation for the world they live in.

Academic Program:

Adamjee Schooling System provides opportunities for students to study in the following program areas: