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Background & History


Adamjee Educational network is serving in the educational field since 1996 and our determination, sincerity and passion of teaching is reflected from our student’s outputs and their learning outcomes. Adamjee Schooling System (ASS) was established in 2016 by Director Sohail Abbas with a motto to give students’ academic excellence with exemplary discipline. The idea of ASS was evolved through the huge response from parents who wanted an exemplary schooling for their children. ASS is entirely independent, receiving no grants from the government or any other source, and is controlled by a Board of Directors. ASS is recognized and registered with Education and Literacy Department, Government of Sindh and British council.


The Board is the policy-making body for the School. It is committed to provide the best education possible for every student by providing outstanding teachers, programs and services that enable every student to achieve their maximum potential.

  • Sohail Abbas
  • Nauman Ahmed
  • Kamran Rasool
  • Pervaiz Haroon