BEC’s Intra-Regional Declamation Contest

Beaconhouse Educational Complex College Programme organised the Intra-Regional Declamation Contest 2018-2019.

The event was aimed at providing a platform to the best debaters of the Northern Region to put across their points of view, compare their ideas and prove their mettle against the best the Northern Region had to offer.

Over 15 teams competing in both languages – English and Urdu. They were from various Beaconhouse college programmes as well as other esteemed institutions such as Froebels, Westminster and The City School Capital Campus.

Beaconhouse Educational Complex team lifted the winner’s trophy as they scored the highest cumulative result in English and Urdu. Best Speaker English was won by Mariam Imran (BCP BEC) and Best Speaker Urdu was Noor Jehan (BCP Frontier Campus).

The guest of honour for the event was Mr Fasi Zaka, who is a renowned political commentator and TV personality. Mr Zaka was very impressed with the level of debating and how well the students were putting their points across, validated by good reasoning and facts.

Beaconhouse College Programme A Level North General Manager Ms Ayesha Ansar and BCP Regional Manager Career Advising Mohammad Ahad Gul were also present.

Judges for the event were esteemed educationist such as Dr Humera of Iqra University, Dr Ilyas Chishti of NUST, Mohammad Ali Farooq Director Iqra University, Mr Hanif Khalid Editor Daily Jang and Ms Maleeha Sattar Lecturer Iqra University.